Scope and Content

Manuscript of the collection, consisting of dedicatory verses, Wright's introduction and poetry texts. This principally takes the form of photocopies of texts from published sources mounted onto larger uniform-sized sheets (on the verso of many of these are photocopies of unrelated typescript poems). Also includes a small number of original typescripts. Wright has added some emendations in red ink, and added dates to some of the poems. Three poems at various points in the manuscript have been crossed through, and did not appear in the published version; these are 'Lines for a Godchild', 'A Vision' and 'State Funeral'. In addition, the second stanza has been cut out of the poem 'Reflections on Love I'; this was probably done by Val Warner and is included in the collated proofs at /3. The poem which appeared in the published version as 'The Musician' is here called 'At Hexham'. There is very little mark-up for printing, although planned page breaks have been marked.


The archivist has added running numbers at the top left corner of each sheet to distinguish them from Wright's own original numbering system.