Scope and Content

Manuscript of all the texts included in the anthology, in the form of poems photocopied from publications and photocopied typescripts. Some handwritten part title pages have been inserted to mark the divisions between each poet's work. The only mark-up for printing consists of page divisions for typesetting made in Schmidt's hand, which may indicate that the book was set in-house at Carcanet. Other annotations and foliation are in the hand of Matthias, who compiled the anthology. The manuscript is stored with an additional bundle of poems by James McMichael which were not included in the anthology, although one of them ('The Queen Anne Cottage') is marked as a possible substitute for 'From a Long Poem' (which was published in the anthology as 'From the McMichaels''). The other additional McMichael poems are: 'Vespers'; 'Nones'; 'The Inland Lighthouse'; and 'The Great Garret, or 100 Wheels'.


The initial unnumbered papers have now been numbered i-xii by the archivist. The manuscript foliation runs from 1 to 140, although there are unnumbered dividing sheets inserted between pages 26 and 27, 78 and 79, and 114 and 115.