Marcus Cumberlege, 'Bonsai from Bruges'

Scope and Content

Bound typescript by Marcus Cumberlege entitled 'bonsai from bruges', illustrated by Roland Brat (although the illustrations are not included in this version). A letter from Cumberlege also included here indicates that Antony Mertens had agreed to sponsor a finely produced 'master edition' of the work; Cumberlege enquires whether Schmidt would like copies for distribution. Also enclosed with the letter are eight short carbon typescript poems, identified by Cumberlege as the last eight poems of 'Sounds in the West'. Stored with a signed copy of bruges, bruges, a poem by Cumberlege and Owen Davis, printed in a limited edition in Bruges in June 1975 (this copy is 103 of 125). An envelope included here indicates that this was probably sent to Schmidt along with the above typescript in October 1976, while the letter (dated 13 January 1977) was sent later.