Manuscript poems

Scope and Content

Bundle of typescript poems by Earle which do not appear in A trial of strength. Schmidt selected the poems for inclusion from a larger number of poems submitted by Earle; he subsequently outlined his selection to Earle who made further suggestions for changes. The poems in this bundle represent those which were not selected for inclusion. They are stored with two copy letters from Schmidt to Earle and one letter from Earle to Schmidt (March-April 1979) which document this selection procedure and the decision on the book's title. The poems included here are as follows:

  • 'A Simple Place'
  • 'To a Caller'
  • 'The Junk Buy'
  • 'Mother to Daughter'
  • 'A Poor Outlook'
  • 'A Kind of Wreath'
  • 'Brooding'
  • 'Counting the Gardens'
  • 'Water and Wire'
  • 'Central Heating'
  • 'Surprise, Surprise'
  • 'A Daughter's Face'
  • 'The Cream Floats'
  • 'A Tender Plant'
  • 'Buried Links'
  • 'Leningrad'
  • 'Other Men's Poison'
  • 'Child Looking up a Word'