Scope and Content

Typescript of the entire volume, consisting of: 6 preliminary pages and 2 final pages of endnotes supplied by Carcanet; typed introduction and further reading list by Judith Higgens; and the body of the volume in the form of poems by Beddoes photocopied from other publications with some headings and explanatory paragraphs typed by Higgens. Higgens's introduction has been quite heavily edited - principally by Val Warner - in red, blue and black ink and in pencil. It also bears printing instructions in pencil. There may be a final layer of editing by Michael Schmidt, as a note from Warner to Schmidt on the collated proofs (in CPA/1/1/1/6/3) indicates that he made at least one change subsequent to the copy-editor's own editing of the text. There are extensive mark-up instructions, in various layers, throughout the body of the text; given that Beddoes's poems are photocopied from earlier publications, these instructions are largely concerned with consistency of presentation and conforming to Carcanet house style. Placed at the front of the manuscript, and not forming part of the numbered sequence of pages, are 5 additional typescript sheets: a carbon copy stylesheet (presumably produced by the copy-editor) outlining the planned presentation and layout of Beddoes's drama; and additional carbons of part of the contents pages and end notes.


The manuscript itself has been foliated by the copy-editor, but due to the inclusion of additional unnumbered sheets at the beginning of the sequence, and some insertions into the main sequence, the archivist has added running numbers in the top left corner of each sheet.