Scope and Content

Paste-up of the pamphlet: the typeset cover design, text and poem numbers have been pasted on to one side of pamphlet-sized sheets which have been taped together into folios to approximate how the pamphlet would be folded and gathered. As this was probably done on large sheets which were then folded and cut, some of the pages appear upside down and the page numbering sequence is not in order - thus reflecting the imposition of the pages prior to final printing. The author's corrections have been incorporated here, by resetting entire lines of text and pasting them over the earlier readings. See also CPA/2/1/21/30 where Daryush sets out corrections to be made to an earlier version which have also been incorporated here. Stored with one additional loose poem: an earlier version of poem 38, which also appears in its corrected form in the main paste-up.