Scope and Content

Manuscript of the issue in the form of ribbon, carbon and photocopy typescripts submitted by contributors - some of them signed or revised by the author. The contributions from John Mole and Gordon Ellis also include covering letters. The manuscript is lacking the contents page, and the poems by Charles Boyle, Val Warner and Robert Wells. The Dick Davis manuscript includes more of Davis's poems than actually appeared in this issue of the magazine; the additional poems are 'Song,; "The retired soldier receives...", and 'Marriage'. Only some sections of the manuscript have been foliated by Val Warner, and this foliation does not reflect the published order of the pieces; those sections which are foliated have also been marked up for printing by Warner. The unfoliated sections have very minimal mark-up, reflecting the fact that the magazine was probably typeset in-house at Carcanet. Warner has carried out some minor copy-editing of the pieces, and Schmidt has edited some of the prose contributions slightly.


The contributions were not originally arranged in their published order and only some sections were foliated. The manuscript is now arranged in an order which reflects the published version of the magazine and the archivist has added running numbers to the top left of each sheet.