Manuscript material

Scope and Content

The manuscript of the Selected poems volume does not survive. Daryush notes in a letter to Schmidt dated 9 July 1971 that she had some years before assembled the volume, the manuscript of which largely consisted of mounted poems cut from original publications (see letter CPA/2/1/21/31). The only manuscript material preserved in the book file consists of:

  • Holograph version of the 'note' included at the end of the contents list.
  • The text of the appendix, which has been torn from a published copy of Verses, 4th book and annotated by Daryush.
  • Holograph index.
  • List of textual queries.
  • Envelope which originally contained the manuscript of the Selected poems (as marked by Daryush on the outside).
  • Three card 'covers', two for the Selected poems and one for Verses: seventh book which was stored with the Selected poems material (these take the form of pieces of card on which Daryush has written her book titles, possibly sent to accompany her manuscripts of the texts).