Manuscript (incomplete)

Scope and Content

Manuscript of the book, consisting of Schmidt's preface and introduction, and most of Sisson's essays. Schmidt's introductory material is a copy typescript and has been emended in Schmidt's hand. The essays are in various formats, predominantly photocopies from earlier publications, but also including: original cuttings; typescripts; copy typescripts; and in one case an entire journal (Agenda vol. 15, Nos. 2-3 (1977), which contained the essay 'Poetry and Myth'). Some of the essays had been slightly revised by Sisson prior to being photocopied. The book was typeset by Schmidt himself; the copy was not foliated and bears very few other markings other than notes of projected page divisions; it was also in some disorder. The order of the manuscript has now been reconstructed, and the following pieces by Sisson are missing: 'Bertrand Russell on 'Cosmic Impiety''; 'Heinrich Heine'; 'Romantic Comfort'; 'Max Weber'; 'The India of the Sahibs'; 'The Pleasures of Literature'; 'Reflections on Marvell's Ode'; and 'Two Forewords'. In addition, 'The Study of Affairs' is lacking a small amount of copy at the opening of the essay; 'T.S. Eliot' is lacking copy for part of page 275 (in the published version) and all of page 276; the essay 'Ezra Pound' includes an extra sheet of copy taken from a different source to the rest of the essay; and similarly chapter 4 of 'The Case of Walter Bagehot' includes two extra sheets of copy from a different source. The essay on 'Edward Thomas' also includes further pieces on Wilfred Owen, Isaac Rosenberg and Harold Monro, which appeared in the same chapter as the Thomas material in the source publication but which were not published in the Carcanet volume.


The archivist has added running numbers to each sheet; the bound copy of the journal Agenda has been numbered as one sheet for consistency.