Scope and Content

Manuscript of the collection, in the form of typescripts and photocopy typescripts. There is minimal mark-up for printing, which is limited to page divisions marked in blue pencil. The contents of the collection differ from the final published version. Contents are the same up to and including the poem 'Justice on a Rock Base'; this is followed by 'Thrift', 'An Accident', 'The Years' and 'The Stare'; contents are as in the published version from 'Past Stroke' to 'A Glacier Melting'; this is followed by 'Interaxis' [which was retitled 'Sun and Moon' for publication], 'Touch' [a different poem from the one published under this title], 'The Name', 'Out of Never', 'The Warren' and 'The Long Man of Wilmington'. Mills has made some minor emendations in places. The manuscript is stored with: three letters from Mills to Schmidt relating to the collection; his typescript acknowledgements and dedications; and his original title page.