Scope and Content

Manuscript of the book, in the form of individual typescripts supplied by each contributor, although some sections like the 'Further Reading' lists and biographical details of writers appear to have been compiled by Campbell. Includes the text of all the essays, Campbell's original title page, preface and introduction, but is lacking the index and other preliminaries. The manuscript has been marked up for printing in various different hands, including annotations by Schmidt in black ink. Minor editorial changes and corrections have been made by Campbell in purple ink. Stored with: letter from Ian Campbell sent to accompany the manuscript (8 May 1978); copy letter from Robert Wells of Carcanet Press to R.W. Burrows of Woodspring Press (30 August 1978); and photocopy title and contents pages prepared by Carcanet.


The manuscript consists of: initial sheets numbered i-iv by the archivist; and the body of the manuscript which has been foliated in pencil. This foliation consists of a running sequence from 1 to 275, with the following exceptions: there are 2 sheets marked folio 1; additional folios 137A and 160A are included; folios 121-122 are conflated into one sheet, as are 197-198, and 200-201; and there is an additional unnumbered insert before page 202.