Scope and Content

Manuscript of the issue largely in the form of ribbon, carbon and photocopy typescripts submitted by contributors, many of which have been annotated or corrected and signed by their authors. Other formats include: the Edward Thomas memorial notice (printed circular); poems by Jay (published pamphlet); Winters translations (proof sheets taken from the Carcanet edition of his Collected poems); and Townsend Warner material (typescript booklet). The manuscript lacks the piece by Musil, the letters to the editor, and Young's book review. It includes some additional poems which were not ultimately published in the issue, as follows: 'So' by Middleton; 'For Passing the Time' by Sisson; 'The Urn' by Earle; 'Evening' by Galassi; 15 poems by Jay; and five poems by Townsend Warner. There are covering letters from: Garioch; Trotter; Powell; and Wilmer (2). Michael Schmidt has marked up the manuscript with page divisions for typesetting and carried out some minor editing.


While some of the contributions have internal numbering systems, there was no foliation for printing; the archivist has added running sheet numbers throughout.