Scope and Content

Manuscript of the collection, which largely takes the form of photocopy and carbon typescript poems. This has been marked up with typesetting directions in Michael Schmidt's hand. Minor changes were made to the original structure of the book, reflected both in Schmidt's annotations, and in the carbon contents list which has been amended by hand. The manuscript includes one additional poem called 'Monologue' (originally forming Part IV of 'The Invalid Storyteller') which has been crossed through and did not appear in the published version. In addition to the contents list, the manuscript is stored with: a typescript blurb for the book, which has been amended by Robert Wells; copy of Wilmer's title/epigraph page, on which Schmidt has sketched out the planned layout of the typeset volume; manuscript acknowledgements and notes for blurb in Schmidt's hand; and handwritten dedication in another hand.


The manuscript had no original foliation and the archivist has now added running numbers to each sheet.