Copy Conveyance

Scope and Content

(i) Sir Stephen Richard Glynne of Hawarden Castle, co. Flint, Bart.

(ii) The Rt. Hon. John Poyntz Earl Spencer.

4 parcels of marsh land in township of Saltney, parish of Hawarden, co. Flint, subject to an exclusive right granted to the Buckley Railway Co. by (i) of shipping bricks, tiles or coals, being the produce of lands in parish of Hawarden (bounds described), at any wharf to be erected on any part of the River Dee frontage owned by (i) for term of 16 years (with power by said railway company to extend said term to 21 years). The said right to erect wharf(s) to be exercised only with consent of (ii).

Plan in margin and schedule.

Conderation: £1528.8s.


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