Working Papers, Reports

Scope and Content

C/1 Test Programmes Mk I and II machines, 4 files, 1951-1954.

C/2 John Leech notes titled "Own Screeds",1954.

C/3 [Diophantine approximation, C B Haselgrove]

  • C/3/1 Simultaneous Approximation. EDSAC Program & Results. Some Notes, undated
  • C/3/2 Diophantine Approximation - Mark I Program, undated
  • C/3/3 Diophantine Approximation. Program. March 1961. Mercury
  • C/3/4 Diophantine Approximation. Results. March 1961. Mercury

C/4 [2-point. These papers refer to an Atlas program that was developed by Jenifer Leech-Haselgrove for solving differential equations in several variables with 2 point boundary conditions. This was to be an enlarged version of a Mercury program developed by CB Haselgrove and A. Gibbons. In 1965 Leech-Haselgrove left Manchester leaving the program incomplete.]

  • C/4/1 2-point notes, 1961-1965
  • C/4/2 2-point compiler, undated
  • C/4/3 2-point solver, undated
  • C/4/4 2-point complete, undated

C/5 [Radio ray tracing. The original programming work for this research was done on EDSAC I between 1953 and 1956 but no programme survives. These papers refer to later work with the Mercury computer]

  • C/5/1 Isø Rays Mercury, 2 dimensions, I, undated
  • C/5/2 Rays, Programs Mercury, 2 dimensions, II, undated
  • C/5/3 Rays, Mercury Results, 2 dimensions, June-July 1962
  • C/5/4 Rays in three dimensions. Mercury, undated
  • C/5/5 Mercury Ionosphere Rays in 3 dimensions. Output, undated.

C/6 [Radio ray tracing from an Extraterrestrial source. The Mercury program and notes developed by J. Haselgrove]:

  • C/6/1 E-T Rays IV Programme
  • C/6/2 E-T Rays V Programs
  • C/6/3 E-T Rays VI Programme
  • C/6/4 E-T Rays VI Results
  • C/6/5 E-T Rays VII, 6, 7
  • C/6/6 Distant Satellite. E-T Rays VII, 8,9
  • C/6/7 E-T Rays VIII
  • C/6/8 E-T Rays VIII.1
  • C/6/9 E-T Rays Notes
  • C/6/10 E-T Rays VII
  • C/6/11 O-E Rays (Ordinary and Extraordinary)

C/7 EDSAC II Programming and Specification, 1956-1958.

C/8 Various EDSAC works,1954

  • C/8/1 Continued Fractions
  • C/8/2 Arc Tangents
  • C/8/3 O's & E's
  • C/8/4 Large Factorials and Powers

C/9 Difference Bases,1953-1955.

C/10 Polya A*T (u) Tables Mark I

C/11 Turan A*T (u)n Tables Mark I

C/12 Z and L Functions, 1959-1962: 

  • C/12/1 Zeros of z functions
  • C/12/2 Z(t) differencing and checking routine
  • C/12/3 Davies zero hunt
  • C/12/4 Multi length zeros
  • C/12/5 Z(t) L (s,x) program.
  • C/12/6 Z (½ + ct) Mk I corrected version.
  • C/12/7 L(x) tabulated.