Scope and Content

Copies of photographs, including:

1. Studio picture of Godfrey and Marie Hirst's wedding - taken in Shanghai. n.d.

2. Studio picture of Godfrey [with Bible]. n.d.

3. "View from office this winter" [original has stamp of American Bible Society on the back]. n.d.

4. "Old A.B.S [American Bible Society] House, Godfrey Hirst, Assistant & Coolie. Aug 1924"

5. "A coolie with two boys" [presumably John and Godfrey, in baskets]. n.d.

6."House at Chikongshan. Mrs Hutton (China Inland Mission) and Faith. Edith Marie Hirst, Godfrey & John on verandah. August 1924"

7."Edith Marie Hirst, Godfrey & John [amateur impromptu snapshot 8 a.m] Chikungshang. Aug 1924"

8 "Godfrey & John. Impromptu snap-shot at Chikungshan 1924"

9. Godfrey, Marie, and three young sons [location unknown]. n.d.

10."SS [Teng Chow ?] about to start back. Chefoo. Aug 1933"

11 Studio picture of Godfrey and Marie, in maturity, Zenith Studio Hankow. n.d.

12 Godfrey and Marie in retirement visiting family at Brighton. Godfrey and Theodore with Theo's wife and son. n.d.

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