Removal of pituitary tumour

Scope and Content

Ross drawing of an operative flap turned back, the brain retracted, and instruments being used to extract a tumour. There is a smaller drawing in the bottom left corner of a specific detail after the tumour has been removed. Annotations on the back read "Patient's name 1.10.36 Rathke pituitary tumour, Jefferson MRI" and "This is fig 26 of Dr EW Twining's paper".

This drawing features in the publication E.W. Twining, 'Radiology of the third and fourth ventricles, part I', British Journal of Radiology, 1939, 12(135) in which it is described as an "operation sketch of transventricular removal of intraventricular extension from hypophyseal duct tumour".

Rathke pituitary tumour

Typed and attached to the bottom of the object in the centre.

Signed by the artist in the bottom right corner.

Related Material

UoM Library also hold the medical case notes for the subject of this drawing which can be found in the collection of Geoffrey Jefferson's patient case files, JCN/11/40.

Rough sketches created in the process of making this drawing can be found in the collection of Davison's working sketches, see DDS/3/13.