Operation for suprasellar meningioma

Scope and Content

Two pencil drawings, one above the other, of the brain retracted at an operation to remove a suprasellar meningioma. Annotations on the back read "Suprasellar meningioma, Jefferson".

See also VFA.7.124 for another drawing relating to the same patient, which is essentially a neater and slightly more refined version of this drawing.

Patient's name 17.2.38

In the top right corner.

Related Material

UoM Library also hold the medical case notes for the subject of this drawing which can be found in the collection of Geoffrey Jefferson's patient case files, JCN/13/46.

Rough sketches created in the process of making this drawing can be found in the collection of Davison's working sketches, see DDS/3/16 & DDS/3/20.