Secondary carcinoma of the spine

Scope and Content

Three drawings of a secondary extradural carcinoma affecting the cervical and thoracic spine. Annotations on the back read "Patient's name 58 23.12.48 Manchester University" and "50/10/17/04 2nd carcinoma, primary never found".

This drawing features as fig.9 in the publication H. Davies, R.G. Reid, and G.K. Tutton, 'Discussion on myelography', Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1951, 44(10), pp.881-93.

C7, T1, T2

Labels on the left side of the drawing.

Initialled by the artist in the bottom left.

Related Material

A number of rough sketches created in the process of making this drawing can be found in the collection of Davison's working sketches, see DDS/3/2.