Compression of chiasma and optic nerve

Scope and Content

Large ross drawing of the anterior and mid parts of the brain from below with 'tumour' labelled across the left frontal lobe. Two smaller drawings of specific details are inset in the top right corner and bottom left corner respectively with 'grooves for optic nerves' labelled on the latter. Annotations on the back read "Patient's name (29) frontal astrocytoma PM 13.11.37. Fits 6yrs, frontal headaches 2 months, amenorrhoea 17 months, failing vision indefinite date" and "Jefferson, Doyne Lecture fig 6 case 2".

This image features as fig.214 in the publication G. Jefferson, 'Doyne lecture: On compression and invasion of the optic nerves and chiasma by neighbouring gliomas', Transactions of the Ophthalmological Society, 1945, 65, pp.262-304 in which it is described as follows: "chiasma and right optic nerve compressed by glioma. Note destruction of orbital roofs and those of optic canals by local tumour pressure".

Signed by the artist in the bottom right corner.

Related Material

UoM Library also hold the medical case notes for the subject of this drawing which can be found in the collection of Geoffrey Jefferson's patient case files, >JCN/12/226.

Rough sketches created in the process of making this drawing can be found in the collection of Davison's working sketches, see DDS/3/14.