Report of the No.4 Sub-Committee Meeting

Scope and Content

Matters discussed in the report include a revision of the Bakery Salesmen's Commission scheme; a request for a confectionary pre-packing machine; minutes of the Oakthorpe Canteen Advisory Committee and the St Nicholas Canteen Advisory Committee; a visit to Puxton and Bulkington Creameries; the granting of increases to Machine Minders; the retirement of Mr A J Ames in Funeral Furnishings; Works, Engineering and Transport reports; the retirement of Mr J Edmondson from Romford Laundry; International Laundry and Dry Cleaning Exhibition; a comparison of laundry prices; the Shop & Job Stewards Committee; the Annual General Meeting of the Grove Court Garage, and District Committee correspondence. There is also attached an application requesting a revision of the Bakery Salesmen's Commission scheme (23 Feb 1956), and a Engineering Works Transport report (18 Feb 1956).