Papers relating to Women's Weekend at Ruskin College, Oxford

Scope and Content

Women's Weekend at Ruskin College, Oxford was held on 27 Feb to 1 Mar 1970.

Consists of:

- photocopy of Women's Liberation Movement's introduction to the Conference and questionnaire for the participants

- copy of press statement about the creche at the Women's Weekend on 27 Feb 1970

- outline of papers: 'A story of drama, love and tenderness....', reflections on politics and the family, 'Child-rearing and women's liberation' by Rochelle Wortis, 'Equal rights for all' by Marion Tarbuck, 'Children and the family' by MF, 'The myth of inactivity' by Sheila Rowbotham, 'Patterns on delinquency amongst women' by Raya Levin, 'Main features of women's employment in Britain in the 1960s' by Arielle Aberson

- leaflet for International Women's Day on 8 Mar 1970 by Women's Equal Rights Campaign