Photograph album

Scope and Content

Photograph album with black and white photographs taken by Sykes during the Second World War, in Manchester and India. With a photocopy of a letter from Eleanor Sykes to Mrs Beswick which came with the album, 8 Mar 1983.

The album includes photographs of Park Military Hospital, Davyhulme, from 1939 to 1941, including photographs of individual staff members, such as Colonel Daniel Dougal, R.W. Fairbrother and Sykes. There are photographs of some of the medical staff at work (during operations, with patients, or in laboratories etc), including the pathologist Fairbrother, Morris the radiologist, Scotson the surgeon, the anaesthetist Sykes, the neurologist [John Bowden] Garland, [Harold] Clifford the otologist, McLaughlin the psychiatrist, Reid the laryngologist and Jones the skin specialist and Lieutenant Charnley. There are also informal photographs taken around the Hospital, including the snow of Winter 1939, Christmas 1939 and the wedding of Padre Thomas, the departure of Major Brockbank, May 1941. The album also contains a substantial quantity of photographs taken by Sykes while he was in service in India in 1945.