Scope and Content

  • /1 Holograph note, reference in Slugg, Reminiscences.
  • /2 Holograph note, reference in History of Didsbury and Chorlton Chapels (Chetham XLII) references to Wood donating money to Didsbury Church.
  • /3-4 Holograph notes, references to Wood's marriage at St. John's Church, Manchester, 1818.
  • /5-8 Holograph notes MRI minutes, references to Wood 1788-1813.
  • /9-10 Letter from A.F. Pearson to W. Brockbank, 8 August 1966 and copy of Brockbank's reply, 3 September 1966, says has a silver goblet which was presented to Wood in 1791 and requests further information about it and Wood, which Brockbank supplies in detailed typescript notes.