Scope and Content

  • /1 Holograph note, Notice of death of son of Thorpe, from Axon's Annals.
  • /2 Holograph note, brief biography of Thorpe from Swindell's Manchester Streets.
  • /3 Holograph note, street directory 1825.
  • /4 Holograph note, notes from Jordan, Life of Jordan.
  • /5 Holograph note, about Thorpe's career from SluggReminiscences, E. Brockbank, Lives sketches honorary medical staff and Renaud.
  • /6 Holograph note, marriage register entry 1812.
  • /7 Holograph note, note from conversation with Miss M. Bower Harrison about a post-mortem examination.
  • /8 Holograph note, regarding murder trial of Thomas Price at which Thorpe gave evidence about the nature of the head wound in 1826.
  • /9 Holograph note, from Wheeler, Manchester 1836.
  • /10 Holograph note, baptism register entry 1825.
  • /11 Holograph note, about a house in Newton where Thorpe grew up, from History of Newton Chetham Society NS 52.
  • /12 Holograph note, street directory 1852.
  • /13 Holograph note, Pine street school minutes, referring to a perpetual fee paid to Mr Thorpe, probably Robert Thorpe, in 1850.
  • /14-16 Holograph note, MRI minutes.
  • /17 Holograph note, entry in Manchester School Register.
  • /18 Cutting, biography from Brockbank, Honorary staff of MRI, 1904.
  • /19 Part of letter from Mabel Bower Harrison to Bosdin Leech recounting an anecdote about an amputation.
  • /20-22 Notes collected by E. Brockbank for his biography, including anecdotes from Renaud (1902) and Ainsworth.