Photo Album, '1933 onward', containing photographs of works by Nash, with titles and details of media and provenance and annotations by P. and M. Nash.

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      GB 70 TGA 769/7/15
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      1 album

Scope and Content

Some missing. 'Mansions of the Dead' 1932. Watercolour., 'Mansions of the Dead' 1933. Oil., 'Harbour and Room' 1930. Watercolour., 'Harbour and Room' 1932-36. Oil. (Missing)., 'Voyages of the Moon' 1933. Watercolour (Missing)., 'Voyages of the Moon' 1934. Oil. (Missing)., 'Coast Scene' 1933. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Landscape of the Megaliths' 1934. Oil. (Missing)., 'View R' 1934. Oil., 'Country Scene' 1934. Oil. (Missing)., 'Mineral Objects' 1935. Oil (Missing)., 'Objects in Relation' 1935. Oil. (Missing)., Unidentified. (Missing)., 'Equivalents for the Megaliths' 1935. Oil. (Missing)., 'Encounter of 2 Objects' 1935. Oil., 'Landscape of Bleached Objects' 1935 Oil., 'Cloud and Two Stones' 1935. Oil., 'Objects on the Shore' 1935. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Comment on Leda' 1935. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Sunset at Worth Matravers' 1937. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Ballard Phantom' 1935. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Encounter in the Afternoon' 1936. Oil., 'Landscape at Large' 1936. Collage. (Missing)., 'Wood of the Nightmare's Tarts'. 1937. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Wood on the Hill' 1937. Watercolour., 'Stone Forrest' 1937. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Nest of the Wild Stones'. 1937. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Objects in a Field' 1937. Watercolour., 'Landscape of the Megaliths' 1937. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Hill Architecture' 1937. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Wood Sea' 1937. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Portrait of the Lunar Hornet' 1937. Collage. (Missing)., 'Landscape at Pen Pits' 1938. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Voyage of the Fungus' 1938. Watercolour. (Loose)., 'The Archer Overthrown' 1938. Oil., 'Two Serpents' 1938. Oil. (Missing)., 'Environment for Two Objects' 1937. Oil., 'Nostalgic Landscape' 1938. Oil. (Missing)., 'Nest of the Phoenix' 1938. Oil., 'Landscape from a Dream' 1938. Oil., 'Circle of the Monoliths' 1938. Oil (Missing)., 'Nocturnal Landscape' 1938. Oil. (Loose)., 'Winter Sea' 1937. Watercolour., 'Winter Sea' 1925-1937. Oil (Missing)., 'Chestnut Waters' 1921. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Chestnut Waters' 1924-1938. Oil. (Missing)., 'Landscape of the Death Watch' 1938. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Denizens of the Forest of Dean' 1938. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Object at Scarbank' 1939. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Monster-Study (1)' 1939. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Monster-Study (2)' 1939. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Monster Shore' 1939. Oil (Missing)., 'Monster Field' 1939. Oil (Missing)., 'Image of the Stag' 1939. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'The Different Skies' 1939. Watercolour., 'The Two Caterpillars' 1939. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Metamorphosis' 1938. Oil. (Missing)., 'Grotto in the Snow' 1939. Watercolour. (Missing)., 'Grotto In Snow' 1939. Oil. (Missing)., The remaining pages contain no paragraphs or titles, but have some autograph annotations. Photos loose in back of Album:, 'Peacock Path' (1912). Pen, ink and wash., 'Pond in the Fields' (1926). Oil.