Manuscript draft

Scope and Content

Early draft of The Works of Ralph Vaughan Williams (London: Oxford University Press, 1964), which varies considerably from the published book. Includes preface, acknowledgements and 1 appendix, but has a different title (Ralph Vaughan Williams, O.M.: a documentary musical biography), and chapter headings, and the preface is dated 2 Jul 1963.

Each chapter consists of a biographical narrative, a catalogue of works written during that period (subsequently combined in an appendix to form a full catalogue of works) and a commentary on the works.

The manuscript includes much material which was ultimately cut from the published version [possibly to avoid repetition of material from the companion biography], such as lengthy quotations from letters, and a detailed exploration of the history of the folk song [cut on the advice of the folk-song expert, Dr Maud Karpeles]. Chapters which contain the greatest variations from the published book are 3, 5, 6, 7, and the Epilogue (combining what became 'note 1' and 'note 2' in the published version).

Includes various corrections in other hands [the music editor Roy Douglas who checked the volume, Maud Karpeles, Ursula Vaughan Williams and Sir Gilmour Jenkins].


The manuscript, including all inserts, has been left in its original order, apart from 2 typescript sheets from the typist for checking which were placed at the end of chapter 8 and have now been moved to the end of the manuscript.

Related Material

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