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From the tenor and administrator, [Sir James] Steuart Wilson, relating to: the first performance of Four Hymns in Cardiff, May 1920, in which he sang; his acquaintance with the singers Francis Herford and A. Foxton Ferguson; his first meeting with RVW at a rehearsal of his incidental music for Aristophanes' The Wasps in 1909; Rupert Brooke, whom he claims "was in no way musical though he was music- minded!" (no. 2); Charles Wood, who conducted The Wasps; RVW's Merciless Beauty and Oxford Elegy; Nellie Kelly [singer and sister of the actress, Violet Carson], to whom he has written regarding the manuscript [of The Lawyer - see KEN/3/1/36, 3/1/73, 3/1/88 & 3/1/114].