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Rubery Owen Fasteners Ltd: Minutes of Kenwall Engineers Ltd, 1959-1970; 3; Rubery Owen Fasteners Ltd, 1970-1981; register of members and annual returns, 1946 - 1983; share certificates, counterfoils; 1970; memorandum and articles of association, as amended, 1970; register of directors' shares and debenture interests, 1968 - 1972; Kenwall Engineers Ltd, ledger: 1945 - 1964.

Nuts & Bolts (Darlaston) Ltd: Minute books of directors and general meetings, 1912-1986; agenda book, 1912; share certificates, counterfoils: 1912 - 1970; memorandum and articles of association, as amended, 1960; accounts, 1913-1944; formation of company, and list of deeds: 1912, 1931 - 1963; agreements, 1912-1968.

Hartley & Baldwin Ltd: Minutes, 1949-1984; memorandum and articles of association, as amended, 1963; register of members and annual returns: 1935 -1983; debenture with Lloyds Bank Plc: 1983.

Chains Ltd: Minute books, 1910-1981; share certificates, counterfoils, 1910 - 1971; register of members and annual returns, 1958- 1971; nominal ledger: 1965 - 1973; agreement to invest in company, JTR, AEO with V. Bornand, 1910 (Photocopy).

Rubery Owen (Moxley) Ltd: Minute books, 1969 - 1986; register of members and annual returns: 1969 - 1982.

J. Stanley & Co. Ltd: Minutes: Directors' and general meetings, 1908-1990; annual general meetings, 1916 - 1964; certificate of incorporation, 29 September 1908; Directors' attendance register: 1961 - 1980; memoranda & articles of association: 1960, 1971; share certificates, counterfoils, 1934 - 1988; share transfers, annual returns, 1910 - 1987; register of debentures, 1915-1943; group documentation for board minuting, 1982-1987.

F.R.B. (Metals) Ltd: Minutes: Directors' meetings: 1936 - 1973; annual general meetings, 1937-1972; Directors' and general meetings, 1973- 1981; memoranda & articles of association: 1936, 1964; share certificates, counterfoils, order and preference 1964; register of members and annual returns: 1936 - 1964.

Administrative / Biographical History

In June 1972, Rubery Owen Fasteners Group consisted of the following companies: Rubery Owen Fasteners Ltd (previously Kenwall Engineers Ltd); Nuts & Bolts (Darlaston) Ltd; Hartley & Baldwin Ltd; Chains Ltd; Rubery Owen (Moxley) Ltd; J. Stanley & Co. Ltd; F.R.B. Metals Ltd.

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This collection forms part of the Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd Archive.

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This collection was deposited in the Centre by Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd in 1994.

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Related Material

Files relating to Sir Alfred's activities as a member and chairman of the Staffordshire County Council were transferred to the Staffordshire County Record Office in 1974. The Rubery Owen Photographic and Film Collection is held by the Staffordshire Film Archive at Staffordshire University.


A guide to the Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd Archive is available from the Modern Records Centre:

Leonard McDonald, Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd. Archive (University of Warwick, 1997).  Please contact the Centre's staff for further details