Journals and publications containing essays by Browne

Scope and Content

Contains one issue each of the following periodicals, each one featuring an article or book review written by Browne:

  • The Christian News-Letter, No. 208, May 17th, 1944.
  • The Poetry Review, October-November, 1948.
  • English Church Music, Volume XXV, No. 1, January 1955.
  • One annotated copy of a pamphlet for the International Conference of Modern Christian Drama, 21-26 July 1960. As chairman, Browne gave the opening address.
  • Union Seminary Quarterly Review, Vol. XVII, No. 3, March 1962.
  • The Gordon Review, Winter 1962-1963.
  • Mosaic, A Quarterly Review of Worship and the Arts, July 1966.