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Solly Zuckerman received a life peerage in 1971, taking the title Baron Zuckerman of Burnham Thorpe. He sat as a cross-bencher. He was introduced into the House on 20 July 1971 and made his maiden speech on 26 October 1971, in a debate on the United Kingdom and the European Community. His last contribution, a question on 16 February 1993, was on the storage of plutonium. Between October 1971 and February 1993 Lord Zuckerman made some 40 speeches in the House and raised nearly as many questions. Fellow life peers who he introduced were Lord Trend (27 March 1974), Lord Glenkinglas (Michael Noble, 9 May 1974), and Lord Richardson (7 March 1979).

From 1976 until 1984 Zuckerman served on Sub-Committee F (Energy, Transport and Research) of the Select Committee on the European Communities and from 1978 to 1983 on Sub-Committee G (Environment). Sub-file SZ/HL/46/1 (divided into five sub-sub-files) refers to Sub-Committee F, and Sub-file SZ/HL/46/2 refers to Sub-Committee G. Sub-file SZ/HL/46/3 relates to Zuckerman's oral evidence to Sub-Committee I (Science and Government) given in 1981.

The files listed in this series are indicative of those areas in which Zuckerman actively contributed to debate. Typically they include related correspondence, background papers, press-cuttings and publications, and drafts and published texts (in Hansard) of his speeches and questions. File SZ/HL/47 consists of copies of Hansard in which questions posed by Lord Zuckerman are recorded. The file of general correspondence consists largely of exchanges with those lobbying for or against draft legislation or amendments to existing statutes, including fellow peers. It is likely that there is a degree of overlap between the correspondence in this series and that in the files of general correspondence (Series SZ/GEN), particularly for the period 1984-1993.

This series also includes papers relating to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, an unofficial group of members of both Houses of Parliament and British members of the European Parliament, representatives of certain scientific and technical institutions, some science-based companies and universities and polytechnics (SZ/HL/48). Lord Zuckerman served as a member of its Steering Committee, and was its President, 1972-1976.


  • SZ/HL/1 General Correspondence, 1970-1993
  • SZ/HL/2 UK and the European Communities (SZ's maiden speech 26 October 1971), 1971
  • SZ/HL/3 Government R & D. Rothschild Dainton. 28-29 February 1972, 1972
  • SZ/HL/4 Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment 20 April 1972, 1972
  • SZ/HL/5 Population policy 26 April 1972, 1972 [missing]
  • SZ/HL/6 EEC regulations and the professions 10 April 1973, 1973 [missing]
  • SZ/HL/7 Nature Conservancy Council Bill, 1973
  • SZ/HL/8 Water Bill, 1973 [in two sub-files]
  • SZ/HL/9 Cruel Experiments Bill, 1973
  • SZ/HL/10 Energy supplies and policy 5 December 1973, 1973 [missing]
  • SZ/HL/11 Control of Zoological Gardens Bill, 1974
  • SZ/HL/12 Control of Pollution Bill; Report of the Select Committee on the European Communities on Water Pollution, 1974-75
  • SZ/HL/13 Defence estimates 21 May 1975, 1975
  • SZ/HL/14 Nuclear power and the Environment 22 December 1976, 1976
  • SZ/HL/15 EEC Environment Policy. Report of the Select Committee on the European Communities 28 June 1977, 1977
  • SZ/HL/16 Conservation of Otters Order, 1977
  • SZ/HL/17 Research and Development. Report of the Select Committee on the European Communities 7 February 1978, 1978
  • SZ/HL/18 Conservation of Wild Creatures and Wild Plants (Amendment) Bill, 1978
  • SZ/HL/19 Energy and prices and incomes 7 March 1979, 1979
  • SZ/HL/20 Lord Craigton's draft Bill on the Licensing of Zoos, 1979, 1981
  • SZ/HL/21 Nuclear Weapons 23 April 1980, 1980
  • SZ/HL/22 Defence Estimates 8 May 1980, 1980
  • SZ/HL/23 Defence 3 December 1980, 1980
  • SZ/HL/24 Wildlife and Countryside Bill, 1981
  • SZ/HL/25 Defence 20 July 1981, 1981
  • SZ/HL/26 Science and Government. Report of the Select Committee on Science and Government 15 February 1982, 1982
  • SZ/HL/27 Defence Estimates 27 July 1982, 1982
  • SZ/HL/28 Badgers: Tuberculosis Control 21 October 1982, 1982
  • SZ/HL/29 Animals: Scientific Procedures 14 July 1983, 1983
  • SZ/HL/30 Research and Development: ACARD/ABRC Report 10 February 1984, 1984
  • SZ/HL/31 Strategic Defence Initiative; Strategic Defence Initiative and NATO January, May 1985, 1985-86
  • SZ/HL/32 Defence Estimates 26 June 1985, 1985
  • SZ/HL/33 New Technologies 14 November 1985,1985
  • SZ/HL/34 Nuclear Power in Europe 20 November 1986, 1986
  • SZ/HL/35 Disarmament and East-West Relations 9 December 1987, 1987
  • SZ/HL/36 Ozone Layer. Report of the Select Committee on the European Communities 20 October 1988, 1988
  • SZ/HL/37 Official Secrets Bill 9 March 1989, 1989
  • SZ/HL/38 Debate on the Address. Foreign Affairs and Defence 22 November 1989, 1989
  • SZ/HL/39 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, 1989-1991 [in three sub-files]
  • SZ/HL/40 Atomic Weapons Establishment Bill, 1991
  • SZ/HL/41 Debate on the Address. IAEA 4 November 1991, 1991
  • SZ/HL/42 Environmental Policy: Meetings (Statements to the House) 11 February 1992, 1992
  • SZ/HL/43 Weapons of Mass Destruction 12 February 1992,1992
  • SZ/HL/44 Systematic Biology Research 9 July 1992, 1992
  • SZ/HL/45 Organophosphate Sheep Dips 16 December 1992; 9 February 1993, 1992-93
  • SZ/HL/46 Select Committee on the European Communities, 1976-1984 [in three sub-files]
  • SZ/HL/47 Questions, 1975-1993
  • SZ/HL/48 Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, 1975-79, 1981-83, 1989-1993

File titles listed above include the dates of debates to which SZ contributed.

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This series is described at series level in the online catalogue of the Zuckerman Archive and in the general guide to the Zuckerman Archive, Deirdre Sharp: The Zuckerman Archive: a General Guide, University of East Anglia, 2000, which is available in print and online on the Internet.

A list of Hansard reports of Lord Zuckerman's contributions to the proceedings of the House of Lords is available for consultation in the Archives Department.

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