Bound volume entitled 'Songs F.E.I.', containing printed, illustrated sheet music for French, English, Italian and Swiss songs with pianoforte accompaniments, published in Paris unless otherwise indicated

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  • Reference
      GB 176 6192/2/67
  • Dates of Creation
      c.1815 - 1840
  • Language of Material
      English French Italian
  • Physical Description
      1 volume

Scope and Content

Contains the following items:

'Le Retour de la Tyrollienne', words by Mr Loraux de Ronsière, music by Mme Malibran nee Garcia (Pacini);

'Laissez moi danser', by Mr de Fourcy (Savaresse Sarra);

'Laissez-moi Pleurer, ma Mère', words by Mme C***, music by Edouard Brugière (Ch. Petit);

Two songs from Guillaume Tell, opera en quatre actes, by G Rossini, arranged for pianoforte by Niedermeyer (E Troupenas; and Goulding & D'Almaine, London [c.1830]). Stamped by E Troupenas;

'Couplets' from Les Deux Nuits, opera comique, words by Messrs Bouilly and Scribe, music by A Boieldieu (Janet et Cotelle; Goulding & D'Almaine, London);

'Priere' from Le Comte Ory, opera by Rossini (E Troupenas [c.1829]). Stamped by E Troupenas;

'Tyrolienne', 'Ballade' and 'Couplets' from La Fiancee, opera comique en trois actes, words by Mr Scribe, music by DFE Auber (E Troupenas; and Goulding & D'Almaine, London). Stamped by E Troupenas. Manuscript annotation 'de Paris, 1830';

'Couplets', 'Le Gondolier' and 'Tyrolienne' from 'Le Brigand Napolitan' words by Messrs Desforges and Adolphe, music by Doche (Savaresse Sarra);

'Le Matelot', words by Mr ***, music by Mme P du Chambge (Ignace Pleyel & fils ainé). Stamped by Pleyel. Manuscript annotation on back of sheet 'Mr James Broadwood, Bryanston Square no.46';

'Il m'attend', words by Mme Desbordes-Valmore, music by Mme P du Chambge (Ignace Pleyel & fils ainé). Manuscript annotation on back of sheet 'Miss Wisley, too high for females';

'Vive L'Italie' from Le Dilletante D'Avignon, music by F Halevy (Maurice Schlesinger). Stamped by Schlesinger;

'La Voix de ce qu'on aime', by Amedee de Beauplan (J Meissonnier). Stamped by Meissonnier;

'Le Lecon Tyrollienne' by Amedee de Beauplan (J Meissonnier);

'Romance' 'sicilienne' and 'Couplets' from Robert le Diable, words by Messrs Scribe and Delavigne, music by G Meyerbeer (Maurice Schlesinger);

'La Chapelle de Guillaume Tell', tyrolienne a deux voix, words by Betorne, music by Edouard Brugiere (J Meissonnier). Stamped by Meissonnier;

A Fourth Bolero for two voices and Bollero for two voices, both with an accompaniment for the Spanish Guitar, by P Verini (JB Cramer, Addison & Beale, London). The 'Bollero' is initialled 'PV';

'Giorno d'orrore e di contente', duet from La Semiramide, by Rossini (Birchall & Co, London [1820s]);

'Une nuit a Venise' barcarole by Auguste Lebrac and Edouard Magner (Janet & Cotelle);

'Emma', Tyrolienne by Ulric Guttinger and Auguste Panseron (Schonenberger). Stamped by Schonenberger;

'Ronde des Faneuses', words by Edouard d'Anglemont, music by Pauline Duchambge (J Frey). Stamped by Frey;

'Le Klephte' by A Betourne and Theodore Labarre (E Troupenas). Stamped by Troupenas;

'Le Retour en Bretagne', words by E Souvestre, music by Mme Pauline Duchambge (Ph. Petit);

'Ecoutons encor les nobles sons du cor' words by E Barateau, music by A Panseron (Schonenberger). Stamped by Schonenberger;

'Son lungi e non mi brami' by M de Ledesma (T Boosey & Co, London);

'Al dolce guidami Castel natio', aria sung by Mme Pasta … in Anna Bolena by Donizetti (Lonsdale & Mills, London, [1831]);

'Soave Immagine D'Amor' in the opera Andronico by Mercadante (Birchall & Co, London, [1820s]);

'A Nice crudele deh vola O sospire' by Signor Perrucchini (Lonsdale & Mills, London);

'The Pirate's Farewell' a ballad by Sir Walter Scott, music by Mrs Robert Arkwright (J Power, London);

'Meet me tonight' composed for and sung by Mme Vestris by CE Horn (T Welsh, Royal Harmonic Institution, London, [c. 1830]);

'Pure as a flower in summer twilight closing' or 'schlaf süsses kind' … Swiss cradle song by F Stockhausen (S Chappell, London);

'Xarifa' or 'The Bridal of Andalla' from a set of six ancient Spanish ballads, words by John Lockhart, music by Mrs Robert Arkwright (J Power, London);

Souvenir de la Suisse, two Swiss songs 'translated and adapted to the original Swiss melodies as sung by Mme Stockhausen at his Majesty's and the Nobilities Concerts' … words by W Ball, music by F Stockhausen (Mori & Lavenu, London, [1828 x 1835]);

'The Herdsman's Spring Song' (of the Canton of Lucerne) sung by Mme de Stockhausen … at the Oratorios, words by W Ball, music by F Stockhausen (Mori & Lavenu, London [1835?]). Manuscript annotation 'Stockhausen';

The sixth edition of 'Away, away to the mountain's brow' a cavatina … in the new opera of the Devil's Brother by Alexander Lee (Alexander Lee & Lee, London, [1830 x 1840]). Manuscript annotation 'HJ Lee', engraved by H Barry and stamped by Lee & Lee.