Bound volume entitled 'Songs' containing printed music for songs in Italian and English with pianoforte accompaniments. Manuscript list of contents on front cover (in Lucy Broadwood's hand) and inside cover (unknown hand). Unless otherwise indicated, published by Birchall & Co, London

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  • Reference
      GB 176 6192/2/5
  • Dates of Creation
      c.1815 - 1830
  • Language of Material
      English Italian
  • Physical Description
      1 volume

Scope and Content

Contains the following items:

'I fieri palpiti de questo core' … in the opera of La Sposa Fedele by Pacini;

'Aurora ah sorgerai' … in the opera La Donna del Lago by Rossini, [1823];

'Parlar spiegar non posso' and 'Tutto mi ride intorno' … in the oratorio Mose in Egitto by Rossini, [c.1820];

'Era felice un di' … in the opera Ginevra di Scozia by Mayer, [1825?];

'Vorrei che il tuo pensiero'… in the opera Otello by Rossini, [1820];

Tre duetti … [dedicated to] Signora Teresa Bellochi, music by G Liverati, words by Metastasio (printed for the author, sold by Birchall & Co, London);

Tre Piccole Ariette … [dedicated to] Miss Amelia Cullinge Smith, music by G Liverati, words by SE Petronj (3rd edition, printed for the author, sold by Birchall & Co, London, [c.1827?]);

'Di cera un vago amore' by F Moroni;

'Vorrei che almen per gioco' by F Moroni [?1825];

'O tranquille seggiorno - recitativo ed Oggetto amabile' in the opera Il Sigismondo by Rossini;

'Oh Patrick' by Henry R Bishop (J Power, London);

'Come Love to Me!' the celebrated pianoforte romance sung by Miss Stephens in the musical drama of Faustus composed by Henry R Bishop (Goulding, D'Almaine & Co, London, [c.1825]). Stamped 'HRB';

'La Biondina in Gondoletta' (Rt Birchall, London, [c.1819]);

'The Babes in the Wood' arranged by Mr Biggs (Rt Birchall, London). With printed catalogue of music by Mr Biggs printed and sold by Rt Birchall at his Muscial Circulating Library, London;

'Take Oh! Take the Rosy Crown' the much admired song in Weber's opera Der Freischutz … arranged by CM Sola (Clementi & Co, London, [1825]);

'In Happier Hours!' from the first volume of Melodies of Various Nations' poetry by Thomas H Bayly accompaniments by Henry R Bishop (Goulding, D'Almaine & Co, London, [c.1826]). Stamped by Goulding & Co;

'Bid me Discourse' sung by Miss M Tree in Shakepeare's comedy call'd Twelfth Night, composed by Henry R Bishop (Goulding, D'Almaine & Co, London, [c.1820]). Stamped 'HRB';

'And ye shall walk in silk attire' (Goulding, D'Almaine & Co, London, [c.1820]). Stamped by Goulding & Co;

'There be none of Beauty's daughters' sung by and dedicated to Mrs Salmon, words by Lord Byron, music by Philip Knapton (Chappell & Co, London);

'The Spirit Song' by Haydn (Rt Birchall, London);

'La Suisesse au bord du Lac' by Goulé (Rt Birchall, London);

Blangini's celebrated duets 'Care Pupille' and 'Amor che nasce' arranged for soprano voices by TT Magrath (R Purdie, Edinburgh). Cover sheet only, the four following pages have been cut from the volume;

'Mi lagnero tacendo' by Mozart (Rt Birchall, London);

'Se a caso Madama' duetto from Le Nozze di Figaro by Mozart (Rt Birchall, London);

'Cinque, Dieci, Venti, Trenta' duetto from Le Nozze di Figaro by Mozart (Chappell & Co, London);

Hart's tenth set of Quadrilles selected from Carl Maria von Webber's celebrated opera Der Freyschutze [sic, Der Freischutz] with their proper figures in French & English … composed and arranged … by Joseph Hart (Mayhew & Co, London, [c.1827]). Manuscript annotation on front cover and verso of final sheet 'Lyne';

'Why are you wand'ring here I pray', music by I Nathan, words by James Hennessey (no publisher given, [c.1823]). Includes printed advertisement for An Essay on the History and Theory of Music by I Nathan, printed for G & WB Whittaker, London, 1823. Manuscript initials on p.4;

'My Heart and Lute' by Thomas Moore, music by H Bishop (J Power, London, [c.1823]). Includes printed list of other of Moore's works available through Power;

'Kathleen O'More' as sung by Miss Byrne at the Theatres Royal London & Dublin, words by GN Reynolds, arranged by Charles Edward Horn (William Power, Dublin, [1830]). Stamped by W Power.