Bound volume entitled 'Children's Songs' containing printed music for songs published in London unless otherwise indicated. Manuscript list of contents on front cover (in Lucy Broadwood's hand) and inside cover (unknown hand)

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  • Reference
      GB 176 6192/2/15
  • Dates of Creation
      c.1795 - c.1825
  • Language of Material
      English French
  • Physical Description
      1 volume

Scope and Content

Contains the following items:

Rule Britannia (first folio has been torn out);

God Save the King 'as sung by Signora Banti at the King's Theatre, Haymarket for the commemoration of Lord Howe's Victory of the 1 Jun 1794' (Corri, Dussek & Co, [c.1800]);

See From the Ocean Rising, a duet sung by Mrs Johnstone and Mr Incledon … in Paul and Virginia by J Mazzinghi (initialled 'JM') (Goulding & Co, [1800]);

The Battle of the Nile or Britannia Rules the Waves, 'a patriotic song sung with great applause at the Theatres Royal, London, Liverpool, Manchester etc' (printer unknown);

Sally in our Alley, sung by Mr Incledon (G Walker, [c.1810]);

The Cuckoo, sung by Mrs Jordan in AS You Like It, composed by Dr Arne (G Walker);

Pray Goody a favourite air in Midas by J Mazzinghi (Goulding & Co, [c.1815]);

The Bold Dragoon, sung by Mr Johnstone (Clementi, [Banger], Hyde, Collard & Davis) (score has been badly torn and then repaired);

My Heart with Love is Beating from the opera Siege of Belgrade by Mr Dibdin, sung by Mr Braham (Joseph Dale & Son);

Spirits of Distress by Mr Dibdin 'sung by him … at his late readings at Bath, Bristol, Worcester' (Preston, [c.1810]);

The Sailor's Return by Mr Dibdin for his entertainment called Private Theatricals or Nature in Nubibus (printed for the author) (signed);

The Spotless Maid from Ariosto, sung by Mr Incledon, set to music by Mr Shield 'in three keys … useful to ladies who accompany a low pitched voice with the pedal harp' (Goulding & Co, [1807]). Anotated on title page 'for Wm [William] Shield' and, in another hand, 'ThoB';

Ralph & Love, sung by Mr Incledon in Hospitality, written by Thomas Cory and composed by William Shield (Goulding, Phipps, D'Almaine & Co, [c.1807]);

The Smugler [sic], sung by Mr Incledon in Hospitality written by Thomas Cory and composed by John Davy (Goulding, Phipps, D'Almaine & Co, [c.1811]);

'To the Society of Harmonists (instituted in London in 1794) this glee is humbly dedicated by RIS Stevens', words by Samuel Birch (printed for the author, Charterhouse) (signed 'RIS Stevens). Includes catalogued of other published works by John Percy and Stevens;

My Mother as sung by Mrs Ashe, composed by Thomas Attwood (Theobald Monzani) (initialled 'TM' and 'TA');

The Death of Poor Robin (Preston & Son, [1811]);

The Fairing 'a collection of juvenile songs adapted for one, two or three voices' comprising: Dickory Dickery Dock, Lavender's Blue, Pat a Cake, Sing a Song of Sixpence, The Miller he Grinds his Corn, Cock a Doodle Song, There was an Old Woman (2 versions), Jack and Gill, By Baby Bunting, Dr Faustus, A Little Old Man (Preston & Son, [c.1795]). On reverse of collection is written in pencil 'to be bound in this order Mrs James Broadwood' [Mrs James Shudi Broadwood];

Six Songs arranged as Duetts with an accompaniment for the harp or pianoforte by Joseph Corfe, book 1, annotated 'Mrs J Broadwood with Mr Corfe's compliments' (Goulding, Phipps & D'Almaine, [1803]);

Sacred Musical Extracts consisting of twelve pices selected from the compositions of the most emininent authors and adapted to the Psalms for one, two or three voices by Joseph Corfe, book 1 (Goulding, Phipps & D'Almaine, [c.1813]);

The Hermits, 'a tale written by the Rev T Lyster', music by Sir John Stevenson (Clementi, Banger, Hyde, Collard & Davis, [c.1805]);

The Pilot, sung by Mr Incledon in Hospitality written by Thomas Cory and composed by John Davy (Goulding & Co);

The Captive to His Bird, composed and arranged as a glee for three voices by J Mazzinghi (Goulding, Phipp & D'Almaine, [c.1805]) (initialled 'JM);

If It Be Love, an arriette sung by Mrs Vaughan at the Vocal Concerts, Hanover Square, composed by JF Burrows, words by George Saville Carey (Preston);

The Soldier's Dream, dedicated to the Princess of Wales by Thomas Attwood, the words by T Campbell (Whitaker & Son);

Now the Merry Bugle Horn, ballad by T Attwood (Monzani & Hill, [c.1825]) (initalled 'TA');

Sweet Maid sung by Mrs Bland at the late Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in Circassian Bride composed by HR Bishop (L Lavenu, [c.1818]);

By the Simplicity of Venus' Doves sung by Miss Stephen in Midsummer Night's Dream, composed by HR Bishop (Goulding, D'Almaine, Potter & Co, [c.1815]);

Air Bearnais, words by Mr ***, composed by Adele Furst (Frere Fils, Paris) (Signed 'Frere Fils');

La Quatrieme Etage ou Le Menage du Garcon (Nolting, Amsterdam)

Volksliederen, songs in Dutch by JH van Kingsbergen and JW Wilms, 1817 (variously published by L Plattner, Rotterdam, B Hummel & Fils, the Hague, HC Steup, Amsterdam);

Les Chiens Savans, duets, words by Mr Antignac and music by H Ladureau (Pacini, Paris, and L Plattner, Rotterdam);

La Jardiniere, music by Cen Valbrun (L Plattner, Rotterdam) (signed 'Janet');

Dieu, ma Dame et mon Roi ou Le Voeu d'un Garde National a l'occasion de la Paix, by M Le Chevalier de Piis (Corbaux, Paris, with publisher's stamp);

Vive Henri Quarte by B Pollet (Pollet, Paris);

Les Adiuex by M De Segum and Reponse aux Adieux by M de Messance (printer unknown, Parisian stamp);

Manuscript music and lyrics for Alonzo & Imogene and The Sicilian Mariner's Hymn.