Relations between National Theatre architects and London County Council

Scope and Content

This file covers communications and relations between Kenneth Rae on behalf of the Joint Council, O'Rorke, and the London County Council and documents progress made by the LCC in defining the exact site and position of the National Theatre in the context of the development of the South Bank area.

The file includes:

- 'National Theatre, Notes for building Committee, 03/03/1949, Meetings with LCC': notes cover suggestions for alternative siting and layout of the theatre in relation to the area.

- Correspondence between Rae and O'Rorke, commenting on progress made by the LCC about plans for the development of the site and generally commenting about the progress of the project, January and February 1949; correspondence about meeting times and attendance.

- 2 slightly different drafts of letter from Rae to the Clerk of the Council of the London County Council, asking whether a meeting may be arranged between Dr Holden, appointed as planning consultant for the South Bank Area, representatives of the LCC, Masey and O'Rorke and Rae as observer, to siting of the theatre in respect to the layout of the South Bank site, ca. 1947.

- O'Rorke awaits to start on plans until the site is defined; he has sent his sketches to Holden and awaits response, 1947.

- Issues with the LCC about allocation of space for the theatre - not enough space being allocated, 1947;

- 'Notes of meeting with Mr Matthew, superintending architect of the council, at County Hall, 5th March 1947', meeting between Mr Matthewof the LCC, Masey and O'Rorke.

- Letter from O'Rorke to Rae, 27/11/1946, with small drawing by O'Rorke attached, discussing siting of the theatre on the South Bank.

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