Magazine issues

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This file includes a number of magazine issues, as follows:

- Volume IV, No. 2 of The Cardiff Libraries' Review, March-Septemeber 1905, with article on 'Russian Language and Literature' by John Galsworthy, member of the SMNT General Committee, and listing Archer's book 'Real Conversations' (London, 1904) among the recent additions to the library.

- Issue of 'Theatre Today', [1948]. Includes articles entitled 'The Last Chance, a Theatre Today Miscellany edited by Montagu Slater and Arnold Rattenbury and published by The Saturn Press - The Old Vic Fiasco' and 'Blast Actor Managers' by Montagu Slater. Handwritten notes on the front cover of the magazine draw the attention to pages 9-13 and 34-36.

- Issue of 'New Theatre', Vol. 4, Number 11, May 1948. Includes articles 'The National Theatre' by George Bernard Shaw and 'Towards a National Playhouse' by John Burrell.

- Issue of 'New Theatre', Vol. 5, Number 5, Nov. 1948. Includes article 'The National Theatre' by Lord Esher.

- Issue of 'New Theatre', Vol. 5, Number 6, Dec. 1948. Includes article 'A Letter to the Old Vic', by Ted Willis.

- Issue of 'New Theatre', Vol. 5, Number 7, January 1949, includes article 'New Broom at the Old Vic?', with 'Replies to Ted Willis' letter, and some views of the audience'.

- Issue of the 'Equity Letter', January 1960, with article on 'The National Theatre'.

- Issue of 'New Theatre Magazine', Vol. III, Number 3, April-June 1962; it is not obvious which of the article within the magazine is of relevance to the National Theatre.

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