General correspondence

Scope and Content

Correspondence, between members of the Shakespeare Memorial National Theatre movement and with external stakeholders. Also, items such as reports, memoranda, images or other documents that were attached or referred to in the correspondence have also been included in this section to reflect the original context of such documents.


The arrangement of the correspondence series reflect the complex archival history of the collection. Material for the years up to 1930 had been re-organised chronologically in a previous cataloguing effort, therefore losing the original order of the papers. Correspondence for this period has been arranged chronologically as it was not possible to reconstruct the original filing order. Such correspondence may be found in SMNT/2/1.

On the other hand, the original filing structure for the correspondence covering the mid 1940s through to the 1960s had not been disturbed and is reflected in the present arrangement. Such correspondence was arranged by topic and such topic subdivision has been respected. This correspondence may be found in SMNT/2/3.

In addition, some correspondence had also been organised by correspondent and this arrangement has been preserved in the present catalogue (SMNT/2/2).

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