O'Rorke fees and payments

Scope and Content

Brian O'Rorke's fees for his work in connection with the National Theatre and the division of fees with Cecil Masey, also some more general material relating to the appointment or resignation of the architects for the project.

Topics covered in the file include:

- Dispute between Masey and O'Rorke on the subject of the division of fees, ca. 1948-1949;

- Masey's resignation, [ca. Dec. 1949].

- Early arrangements with Masey and payments to him, ca. 1946.

- Arrangements for payment of fees to O'Rorke and discussion of progress made by O'Rorke in the drawings, ca. 1948-1958.

- Fees due to O'Rorke for abandoned work, ca. 1962-1963.

- Appointment of new architect, ca. 1963, to be decided by the South Bank Board rather than the SMNT trustees.

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