Old Vic Executive Committee general papers

Scope and Content

General papers of the Old Vic Executive Committee; includes reports, correspondence and minutes.

File covers the following areas:

- Members joining or resigning from the Joint Council

- Old Vic-NT representation on the Joint Council

- Letters of notice for Old Vic National Theatre Executive Committee meetings; agenda e.g. for March 1953, October 1950

- Minutes of Old Vic Executive Committee, 26/10/1950.

- Various reports from Old Vic Executive Committee (or Old Vic Sub-Committee) for the Joint Council, 1946-49, with updates on the work/tours etc of the Old Vic Theatre Company, the Old Vic Theatre Centre and membership of the sub-committee.

- Large series of reports from the Old Vic Executive Committee for the Meeting of the Governors of the Royal Victoria Hall, 1946-1950, covering for example the Old Vic Theatre Company, the Old Vic building, drama plans such as suggested programme of plays for the Old Vic Company, etc.

- Rae-Violet Bonham Carter correspondence, ca. 1946-49, about meetings attendance etc. [Bonham Carter was on the Old Vic National Theatre sub-Committee].

- Notices and agenda for meetings of the Directors of the Old Vic Trust Limited often paired with notices/agenda for meetings of Old Vic Executive Committee, 1947-51 (Cf. minute book in Box 34); there is a large series of these ‘double’ agenda in the file.

- Letter from Bronson Albery accepting invitation to join Old Vic Executive Committee, 1947.

- Correspondence, for example inviting members to meetings etc.

- Extract from minutes of Old Vic Sub-Committee meeting, 05/06/1947.

- Notice and agenda of meetings of the Old Vic Sub-Committee, 1946-47.

- Notes on informal meeting between Esher, Albery, Chamberlain and Rae, 02/10/1946; see copy of these notes in SMNT35/3.

- Membership of the Old Vic Sub-Committee.

Administrative / Biographical History

By 'Old Vic Sub-Committee', later the 'Old Vic Executive Committee, is intended the Old Vic Sub-Committee of the Joint Council.

The Old Vic Sub-Committee took over the work of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, ca. March 1946.

The directors of the Old Vic Theatre Company, the Directors of other Old Vic Companies and the directors of the Old Vic Theatre Centre will be responsible to the Old Vic Sub-Committee; this explains the nature of the relationship between the SMNT, Old Vic Companies and Joint Council.

Conditions Governing Access