Old Vic Theatre Company

Scope and Content

This file documents various aspects of the work of the Old Vic Company, including:

- Estimates for the Old Vic Theatre Company, 1949/50.

- Correspondence about Old Vic Theatre Company’s three directors’ end of tenure, June 1949.

- Correspondence about the behaviour of the actor Alec Guinness, May 1947.

- Correspondence about issues relating to the Old Vic Theatre Company such as performances planning, the work of the company at the New Theatre, etc.

-‘Memorandum from the Governors of the Royal Victoria Hall on their contribution towards the creation of a National Theatre Company and a National Theatre Centre’, 21/07/1949.

- List of plays in programme for the 1949/50 season.

- ‘Memorandum from Mr Hugh Hunt No. 2: on alternative proposals for the temporary housing of the Old Vic Theatre Company and the relations of these proposals to the theatre centre’s plans’, 02/06/1949, with 3 appendices (NB. Memorandum No. 1 to be found in SMNT16/3/9, Memorandum No. 3 to be founf in SMNT16/3/7).

- Notes entitled ‘Plan for the Old Vic Theatre Company’, no date.

- Notes by John Burrell on the work of the Old Vic Theatre Company, 26/08/1948.

- Some cast lists for productions of the Old Vic Theatre Company.

- ‘Memorandum on proposals for 1948/1949 season’, 01/04/1948.

- ‘Memorandum from drama directors re Future Plans’.

- ‘The Old Vic Theatre Company, Memorandum, Season of 1948/49’, 20/11/1947.

- Correspondence about meetings, etc.

- Job description for the post of Manager to the Old Vic Theatre Company.

- Breakdown of seat prices for the New Theatre.

- ‘Old Vic Theatre Company’, estimates for the Financial Year 1st July 1947 to 30th June 1948.

- ‘Proposed allocation of Joint Office and Administration Expenses – 1947-1948’, with expenses of Sadler’s Wells Theatre, the Old Vic Theatre, Sadler’s Wells Trust and the Old Vic Trust.

- Discussion of contract for lease of the New Theatre, 1947.

- Correspondence about casting, programming, etc.

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