Scope and Content

A further account of Strasbourg, continued from HOV/2/10. Discusses restaurants and food in Strasbourg, comparing prices to elsewhere. Describes his trip to Heidelberg. As with Strasbourg he recounts its history, geography etc. He describes Heidelberg castle and its associations with Frederick V, Elector Palatine, who accepted the crown of Bohemia triggering the Thirty Years War. He also mentions the Heidelberg Cask, calculated to hold 300,000 bottles of wine.

Hovell also describes a visit to Marburg, the town capital of Hesse, then part of Prussia. He considers the town to be the most picturesque he has yet seen. It was here that Luther and Zwingli attempted to unite the Swiss and German religious reformers. He also visits the village of Schröck, where he sees and describes the traditional national costume of Hesse.

Dated at: Marburg of Lahn, Friedrichstrasse 11, Germany.

Related Material

See also: Two postcards' accompanying letter depicting Heidelberg Schloss and the Lutherkirche, HOV/2/17