Scope and Content

Hovell describes further his views of the German university system, including the system of tuition fees, which are not paid until 15 November, hence encouraging professors to make their lectures as interesting as possible before this date in order to acquire more students. Once they are paid, fees go directly to the professor with 10 per cent to the clerk. Hovell describes the lectures he has been attending, namely those given by Professor Max Förster on Shakespeare. He highlights one session in particular in which he is surprised by the professor's attempts to reach out to the students on a personal level, promoting English sporting clubs to the Germans. He attempts to use these sports as incentive to get Germans fitter and out of Kneipen .

Hovell mentions attending Professor Lamprecht's lectures, who on one occasion, as was customary as a senior lecturer, provided him and his French colleague, Grillet, with money to attend a performance at the Central Theatre in Leipzig.

He also recounts a conversation he had with Grillet about the recent trouble between European colonial powers. Grillet is convinced that in the last few years France has been systematically preparing to attack Germany on any 'reasonable' pretext, and believes Britain would support France. He suggests interference of Germany in Morocco was almost the last straw and nearly precipitated in war. He notes that German papers are remarking on the negative tone of the French press in reference to Austria.

Dated at: Ferdinand Rhode Strasse 7, Leipzig, Germany.