Scope and Content

Hovell describes a Sunday morning service at Thomas Kirche, giving descriptions of the churches interior. Also reports a conversation with the curator of the English Church in Leipzig who believes the education systems, general government, discipline, vigour and social organisation in America and Germany are better then in England. He believes pointless to try to understand the nation in a fortnight and accepts that in some respects England could definitely improve. He also compares the British economy with Germany's, and accepts he has become more open-minded to 'Tariff Reform' but feels there are a lot of questions that still need answering.

Contrary to general opinion states that from what he has seen he does not believe that German education is superior to that in Britain at the university level, outlining his views in some detail and describing his own experiences of the Leipzig university system. Also describes his first experiences of a German 'Kneipe'.

Dated at: Ferdinand Rhode Strasse 7, Leipzig, Germany.