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Hovell describes a meeting with Professor Victor, now a professor of English and Phonetics at the University of Marburg having previously taught at Liverpool. His trips to Giessen, and Fulda, the first of the German abbeys, founded in the eighth century. Hovell mentions that due to French occupation little survives there. He describes the baroque cathedral and a ninth century church, St. Michael, and notes Fulda's long associations with the Jesuits.

Following Fulda, Hovell describes his visit to Gelnhausen, which until 1803 was an independent state, and was once the residence of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor). He describes the history and features of the town briefly.

The letter includes a small sketch showing the route Mark Hovell took on his travels.

Dated at: Ferdinand Rhode Strasse 7, Leipzig, Germany

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See also: accompanying postcards, showing Fulda Dom, Gelnhausen, Barbarossa-Burg and the Hexenturm, HOV/2/17