Deeds relating to Yorkshire

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Collection of deeds relating mainly to Yorkshire, 1422-1716, as follows.
1. Quitclaim with warranty by John Robynson (Robinson) of Jolby (North Riding) to Sir John Clesby, rector of the church of Mersk (Marske, North Riding), Sir Thomas Topclyf (Topcliff), chaplain, and William Ellerbek (Ellerbeck), of his right in all lands, meadows and tenements which they have by gift in the town of Jolby. With witnesses. Signed at Jolby, 20 July, 1422. Seal of Robinson in red wax. Endorsements.
2. Letters of attorney of Robert Conyers (d 1431) of Sokburn (Sockburn, County Durham), Sir Thomas Laton of Sexhow (North Riding), William, vicar of Covton (Cowton, North Riding), and William Nafferton of Ravynswathe (Ravensworth, North Riding), appointing Richard Mason, Hugh Mawnsell and John Boste to deliver seisin to William Boste and Alice his wife of three messuages in Joleby (Jolby, North Riding). Dated at Sokburne, 20 April, 1427. 4 seals in red wax. Endorsements.
3. Counterpart bargain and sale indented with warranty by Sir George Gryffyth (Griffith) of Whychenor (Wychnor), Staffordshire, to Richard Smythe (Smith) and John Dyott of the farm of their manor of Little Kelke (Kelk, East Riding) near Burton Annas (Burton Agnes, East Riding). Consideration £180. Dated 28 June, 1555. 2 marks and 2 seals in red wax. Endorsement.
4. Gift with warranty for a consideration in money by John Dyott and Richard Smyth (Smith) of the city of Lichefeld (Lichfield) to Walter Gryffyth (Griffith) of Whychenor (Wychnor), Staffordshire, of the farm of their manor of Little Kelke (Kelk, East Riding) near Burton Annas (Burton Agnes, East Riding) which they had by conditional gift of Sir George Gryffyth (Griffith), the donee's father. Signed 22 Feb 1560. 1 mark and 2 seals. Endorsements.
5. Agreement indented between (1) William Rookes, of Roides Hall (Royds Hall) Bradford, and (2) Robert Bradford, of Stanley, Yorkshire, and William Warde, of Bradford, Yorkshire, whereby (1) within one year will have made a deed of feoffment to (2) and will levy a fine to convey to them, for his own use during his lifetime and then for the use of his eldest son, William Rookes and his heirs male, or in default to Tempest Rookes and then to Richard Rookes, his other sons, his manor called Roides Hall in the parish of Bradford, also 100 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 160 acres of arable, 200 acres of wood, 400 acres of moor and heath, with all houses, barns, stables, orchards, gardens, dove-houses, etc., except Ryvey Wibsey (West Riding), the Neither Common next adjoining to Okenshaye (Oakenshaw, West Riding) and one tenement and lands in the tenure of Thomas Vyckars. Seal tag only. Signed 14 Apr 1575 by William Rookes. Endorsements.
6. Quitclaim for a consideration in money by Matthew Tompson of Rowesby (Roxby) in the county of York, to Ralph Tankard, of Arden (North Riding) in the same county, of his right in all lands, tenements, meadows, feedings, pastures, rents, services and other hereditaments in Rowesby formerly of Robert Tompson his father, deceased, and given by Robert to Thomas Tompson, brother of Matthew, and his heirs male. Signed 20 July, 1602. Mark of Matthew Tompson. Seal. Endorsements.
7. Lease indented for 60 years by George Kirke (d 1663), Gentleman of the Robes and a Groom of His Majesty's Bedchamber, and Thomas Metcalf (d 1655), of Nappay (Nappa, North Riding) in the county of York, of a messuage with one acre, a close of 20 acres called the Lery Crofte, 2 oxgangs of land, meadow and pasture, 2 acres called Forby Land or Acres, one close called Forty Acres, 2 parcels of ground, by estimation 8 acres, called The Flats, one close called Yewland with ground containing 30 acres lying without Humberbancke in Ottringham (East Riding) now in the occupation of Francis Cobb. Rent £26 p.a. Signed 30 Nov 1639 by George Kirke. Seal. Endorsements.
8. Bargain and sale indented with warranty by Thomas Croftes, of Coverham (North Riding), to Edward Croftes of York, of a messuage with appurtenances situated within the liberty of Coverham Abbey and all the grounds thereunto belonging called Jobcroft House now in the tenure or occupation of Anthony Appleby. Consideration £30. Signed 13 Jan 1649 by Thomas Croftes. Seal. Endorsements. Annexed: Bond in £60 of Thomas Croftes to Edward Croftes. 13 Jan.1649. Condition: for the performance of all covenants specified in the bargain and sale of even date. Witnesses. Signed: Thomas Croftes. Seal.
9. Defeasance indented by Sir Henry Griffith, Bt (d 1656), of Burton Agnes in the county of York, of a recognizance of statute staple, 4 May 1649, wherein he is bound to pay £2000 to Clement Spelman, of the Middle Temple, London, on condition that he pay Spelman £1040 on 4 October next following at the Middle Temple, London. Signed 4 May 1649 by Clement Spelman. Seal. Endorsements.
10. Right-hand indenture of a final concord between Sir Griffin Boynton, Bt (1664-1731), Richard Hill and John Langstaffe, plaintiffs, and George Bradrick and Elizabeth his wife, John Sleightholme and Elizabeth his wife, and Philip Saunders, deforciants, of 4 messuages, 2 bakeries, 2 curtilages, 54 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 19 acres of pasture, common of pasture for all draught animals and common of turbary, with appurtenances, in Rexby Goatland (North Riding) in the parish of Pickering Growmont (Grosmont, North Riding) and Lythe. Acknowledgment of plaintiffs' rights and quitclaim to them. Warranty. Consideration £120. Dated 27 Oct - 3 Nov 1716.

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