Probate Copy of Will: Conolly Gage

Scope and Content

PROBATE of the will dated 26th April, 1841 of Conolly Gage of Bellarena, co. Londonderry. He devises his estate in the manor of Castlefinn, co. Donegal and his shares in the Bristol Dock Stock and notes of the Bristol Dock Co. and investments in Government stock in trust, that are half of the profits of the shares and investments, shall be paid to his wife, Henrietta, in satisfaction of the £500 annuity agreed by their marriage settlement, and the other half to be used for the upbringing of his daughter Mary Anne, until she reaches the age of 21 or marries, when such profits are to be paid to her. After the death of his wife his daughter is to receive the profits from the investments for her life and after her death they are bequeathed with the estate of Castlefinn to the eldest son of Mary Ann and thereafter in succession male. If Mary Ann should have no children the estate is to go to his brother the Rev. Robert Gage and in succession male, and in default of issue to his younger brothers. He devises lands in the Sea of Derry, his house at Bellarena, and a sum of £1000 bequeathed to him by Alexander Knox esq. in trust to pay any of his debts and funerary expenses and to permit his wife to live rent free at Bellarena. The residue of his estate is to be invested for his daughter when she attains the age of 21 or marries. He bequeaths his personal property to his wife and various monetory bequests to his brothers, relations, servants and friends.

Executors: Robert Gage and William Gage, his brother.

Trustees: Onsiphorus (sic), Tyndal Bruce of Nut Hill, Fifeshire, Marcus McCausland of Queen Castle, co. Donegal, and Thomas Olphert of Dunmachone, co. Londonderry.

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