Deed to lead the Uses of a Recovery (release) of capital messuage and lands and other lands

Scope and Content

1. Robert Lloyd of Tregayan, co. Anglesey, esq., and Margaret his wife.

2. Henry Lloyd of Tregayan, gent. son and heir apparent of Robert Lloyd.

3. John Parry of Lincoln's Inn co. Middlesex, esq. and John Garmons of Rhiwgoch, co. Merioneth esq..

4. Hugh Griffith of Brynodolin, co. Carnarvon, esq. and James Brisco of Beaumaris, co. Anglesey, esq..

5. Love Parry of Peniarth co. Carnarvon esq., and Charles Evans of Treveilir, co. Anglesey.

DEED TO LEAD THE USES OF A RECOVERY (release) of capital messuage and lands and other lands as in no. 184 above.

Conditions Governing Access

Dim cyfyngiadau/ No Restrictions


Os gwelwch yn dda archebwch y dogfenau gan ddefnyddio y rhif cyfeirnod amgen (lle ddarperidd) / Please order documents using the alternative reference number (where provided)

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Cyflwr da / Good condition