Probate Copy of Will: Flora Lady Heygate

Scope and Content

PROBATE of the will dated 29 Jan. 1847 of Flora Lady Heygate of Bellarena, co. Londonderry, widow. There are numerous monetary bequests to members of her family and the family of her late husband. The residue of her estate is to be invested in trust for Myles Walter Ponsonby and Sheila Ponsonby, children of her niece Gladys Edith Ponsonby until they reach the age of 21. Trustees and executors of the will are Victor Coope Ponsonby of Shalbourne House near Marlborough, Wiltshire, esq., M. C., Richard James Atkey of No. 12 Park Place, St. James's St. Westminster, solicitor, and Edward Geoffrey Campbell Brown of Walworth, Ballykelly, co. Londonderry, solicitor.

By a codicil dated 10th May 1847 she amends a bequest of £400 to Roger Lloyd which was to be given free of legacy duty and which is now not given free of legacy duty.

By a second codicil dated 25th March 1848 she revokes a bequest of £500 to her sister in law, reduces a bequest of £1000 to her niece Stella by a half and gives an extra £500 to the widow of her former chauffeur.

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