Affidavit: Samuel Grindley of Tyddynadda, pa. Llanddaniel and Henry Ramsey Williams of Penrhos, nr. Caernarvon, gent.

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AFFIDAVIT: Samuel Grindley of Tyddynadda, pa. Llanddaniel, co. Anglesey and Henry Ramsey Williams of Penrhos, nr. Caernarvon, gent. Samuel Grindley states that he was much surprised to receive a letter from his sister Elizabeth then living in Co. Curan, Ireland at the beginning of 1837 since neither he nor any other relative had heard from her for 16 years and they thought her dead. He denies that she was discovered after reading the handbills and distributed by Mr Isaac. He immediately informed Mr Williams and was persuaded to go to Ireland to bring her back having been promised expenses and compensation for loss of time. It was with great difficulty that he persuaded his sister to come to Anglesey and she and her husband only agreed when they were promised a liberal reward. Both he and Mr Williams deny that the latter had any influence over Mr Grindley nor did they advance £50 to Elizabeth. They claim that Mr Roose threatened to take proceedings against Elizabeth claiming that she was not Elizabeth Grindley.


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