Correspondence: Richard Barker of Chester and Col. and Mrs Yale

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CORRESPONDENCE: Richard Barker of Chester and Col. and Mrs Yale of 1 Upper Church Street, Bath; 8 Glouster Row, Clifton; 5 Brick Road, Bath; Linton N. Devon and Infracombe, N. Devon, concerning:

1. an annuity of £800 which is deficient and which Mrs Yale claims should be made up by Mr John Parry. The annuity was to be paid out of £22,857 raised by mortgage on Sir Love Parry's property but had been called in and the executors released from financial obligations. Although the case was difficult a solution was found by selling the life interest for £2800.

2. money lent to Mr Mostyn from Mr McGregor's trust and which it seems unlikely will be repaid. Bankcrupcy proceedings against Mr Mostyn will bring financial loss to the trustees namely Col. Yale, Mr Bulkeley Hughes and Mr Williams. Mr MacGregor is unsatisfied with the arrangements of the Trusts' affairs and has filed a bill in Chancery. The fault apparently lies with Mr B. Hughes and Mr Barker was pleased that he was able to get the bill so framed that it was a complaint against Mr Hughes and not his co-trustees.

3. mortgage repayments and a £150 loan.

4. a private letter dated 16th July in which Mr Barker informs Col Yale that he hasn't yet heard if his son has been accepted as a cadet.

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